Watch the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ trailer from Comic-Con

The fourth Mad Max movie has been in development hell for over a decade. At this year’s Comic-Con, we finally got our first look at Mad Max: Fury Road:

A lot of other movie sites are claiming that this looks like some vintage ’70s indie film, which frankly, I’m not seeing. That isn’t a complaint. Fury Road  looks crazy and awesome. It just doesn’t feel all that vintage and/or indie to me. Honestly, this trailer made me feel like I was watching a “grim and serious” Borderlands movie more than an gritty ’70s apocalypse flick.

I’ll tell you what though, I love Mel Gibson’s Max. No matter how many awful things the man says, I can still appreciate his body of work. Even though I like Tom Hardy, I had very low expectations of a new Max taking the part. Fortunately, this seems to work. I’m one hundred percent onboard now.

Mad Max Fury Road explosion

Even in an apocalyptic future where gasoline is scarce, there still won’t be a shortage of IMPOSSIBLY huge explosions.

I’m genuinely excited about a new Mad Max movie. Man, that feels weird to type.