When the Street Lights Go On: Stranger Things meets Zodiac

While we’re still draping everything in faux ‘80s nostalgia, here is one more show that seems worth a watch. When the Street Lights Go On recently screened its pilot episode at the Sundance Film Festival to absolutely rave reviews.

Obviously the “Hey, remember the ‘80s?!” vibe is strong here. I don’t personally have an issue with Stranger Things, but I’ve definitely noticed a growing cynical use of nostalgia seeping into our pop culture these days. Or hell, maybe it’s just that stories were more suspenseful before cell phones and/or beepers.

Fortunately, there seems to be a lot of tangible meat under the surface of When the Street Lights Go On. The pilot focuses on a small town dealing with the aftermath of a double homicide.

In the summer heat of 1983, a string of unusual occurrences in a small Illinois town culminate with the shocking murders of a popular high school girl and her teacher. When a fellow student, and neighbor, discovers the bodies while riding his bike home one night, the quiet suburban lives of the town’s residents are irrevocably shaken.

The show was originally commissioned by Hulu, but that initial deal seems to have quietly fallen through… or it’s at least on hold for the moment. On the plus side, there’s plenty of buzz on this pilot. I’d say the odds are pretty high that we’ll get to see the finished product.