Yet Another Reboot: Dune

Another day, another reboot. The upcoming Dune re-do now has an official director: Denis Villeneuve, the guy who directed Arrival and Sicario. We’ll get to see how he handles adapting rebooted material this October when he brings us Blade Runner 2049.

This was all confirmed by Brian Herbert’s twitter account. Brian is the son of the late Frank Herbert who wrote the original Dune novels. He’s also been co-authoring a pile of Dune sequels and prequels ever since he got the rights.

This would normally be the part where I espouse the virtues of the original film… but I can’t sit here in good conscience, pretending that David Lynch’s Dune was some kind of classic work of genius. It was, at best, a highly amusing take on the source material that gave us hilarious memes like “The spice must flow!” and straight-up bizarre scenes like this one:

It certainly had its moments.

Truth be told, I actually quite enjoyed the Syfy/Sci-Fi (pick one) channel’s made-for-tv miniseries. It was a nice adaptation of the stories that stayed perhaps a bit too close to the books at times. It felt like supplemental material for existing Dune superfans. That was great for people like me. I loved seeing big scenes from the books acted out, but I can’t imagine an uninitiated person watching those and coming away with a positive opinion.

So, fair enough. There’s plenty of room for improvement in Dune land. Let’s see what happens with Villeneuve’s version.

No matter what, it can never be as completely bat shit insane as Jodorowsky’s mad man’s dream for Dune.

Good lord. I will mourn the loss of that doomed fever dream until my dying day.